President's Message

We think big and act small. We take care of our partners. We do business the right way. Within each of our three principles, the drive to conduct business in a sustainable manner directs our daily decisions. By setting aggressive environmental, health and safety goals, we challenge ourselves to build on today’s performance as our goals turn into results and define the new standard.

I am pleased to share with you the results of this ongoing work as we continue to pursue environmental excellence, along with social progress and economic performance. Reflecting our commitment to transparency, this report provides you with an accurate picture of 2015.

Working To Improve Safety
Safety remains our most important value. As a result, we’re disappointed that our OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) was up compared to 2014. Still, our TRIR of 2.17 represents a reduction of 14 percent since 2010.

We aim to lower our TRIR in 2016 by more aggressively fostering a safety culture through leadership training and involvement, continuing to develop and standardize procedures and information management, and strengthening our Behavior Based Safety systems across all KapStone operations.

Progress Toward Environmental Goals
We’re pleased with the progress we have made toward meeting our energy use, greenhouse gas and critical air emissions goals. In addition, all operations throughout KapStone are certified by one or more of the industry sustainable forestry certification programs, and our paper mills, chip mills and sawmill are all certified to the highest levels of Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification.

In 2015, we used about 2 percent more water than 2014, pushing us slightly further from our 2010 goal of reducing water use gallons/ton by 10 percent. Overall, we have reduced gallons/ton by 1.6 percent since 2010. We know that we can do better. To that end, we are using cross-functional teams at our kraft mills to identify and prioritize areas with the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Growth Continues With Innovative Product Offerings
At KapStone, we continued to help more customers right-weight their packaging through increased use of products that reduce packaging weight while maintaining strength. We remain focused on helping our customers as they seek to optimize package design, improve sustainability performance and lower total supply chain costs.

Victory Packaging Joins The KapStone Team
Last year, we were excited to announce that KapStone was acquiring Victory Packaging/Golden State Container. As a previous board member of Victory, I was able to gain a full appreciation for their abilities to deliver superior services, drive excellent operating performance and deliver results to the bottom line.

I am delighted to have the Victory team join KapStone and am looking forward to the significant benefits that the combined companies will achieve. I am confident that strategic growth will continue to position KapStone as a sustainable enterprise well into the future as we deliver increased value to our customers and stakeholders.

We plan to begin incorporating Victory’s sustainability metrics as part of KapStone in 2016, beginning with safety.

Working To Be Good Corporate Citizens
We never forget that we make an impact on the communities where our employees live and work. It’s up to us to ensure that the impact we make is a positive one. During 2015, our efforts in this regard included blood drives, food drives and contributions to local charitable organizations.

Thank you for your interest in our sustainability commitment. As we continue turning our goals into achievements, all of us at KapStone look forward to updating you on our progress moving forward.

Matt Kaplan
President and Chief Operating Officer

"We’re pleased with the progress we have made toward meeting our energy use, greenhouse gas and critical air emissions goals."

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